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Development File Extensions

xgmExient XGS Model Data
xgrGraphEdit Filter Graph Markup Language
xgtExient XGS Texture Data
xibApple Interface Builder Development-Time Resources
xilXilize Markup Source
xilincXilize Include
xilizeXilize Configuration Data
xinOmniMark Include File
xiwCSR µEnergy SDK Workspace
xjeXJEase Source Code
xlXBLite Source Code
xlcExient XGS Locale Data
xlistMASM XLIST Data
xmatExient XGS Shader Material Data
xmcfFileMaker Pro Custom Function Data
xmlaXML for Analysis File
xmlcASP.NET Compiled XML
xmljetEclipse JET XML Template
xmloFileMaker Pro Layout Object Data
xmtaVisual Studio Design-Time Attribute Data
xnCygwin LD-Script Data
xnbXNA Game Studio Binary Package
xndexNode Download Data
xobWeintekHMI EasyBuilder 8000 XOB File
xojo_binary_menuXojo Binary Menu Data
xojo_binary_projectXojo Binary Project
xojo_binary_toolbarXojo Binary Toolbar Data
xojo_binary_windowXojo Binary Window Data
xojo_menuXojo Menu Data
xojo_projectXojo Project
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