Filename Extensions
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Development File Extensions

wbt64WinBatch Script
wcp_settingsAlpha Five Web Project Settings
wctVisual Basic WebClass HTML Template
wdeWinDev Report File
wdgWinDev Procedures
wdiWinDev Component Description
wdkWinDev Component
wdmWinDev WDINT Extraction File
wdoWinDev Component List
wdtWinDev Template File
wdwWinDev Window File
wdyWinDev Run-Time Template
webFWEB Source Code
webCWEB Source Code
webinfoVisual Studio .NET Web Information Data
webtemplateiWeb Template
webthemeiWeb Theme Template
wetWinSQL Export Template
wewDebugging Tools for Windows Saved Workspace
wfkDelphi Runimage WFK Data
wfoDelphi Runimage File
wfsWindows Script File
whlPython Wheel Package
whsWinHex Script
widgetHybridJava Widget
wikiWikitext Source Code
winVisual FoxPro Window File
winmdMicrosoft Windows Metadata
winsqlscriptWinSQL Script
wiqVisual Studio Work Item Query
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