Filename Extensions
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Development File Extensions

vi2ComSoft Basic File
viaARM Compiler VIA Data
vidxCMSIS Pack Vendor Index
vioCoq Intermediate Object
viwVisual Database Tools View Script
vjsPlanetPress Connect Virtual Javascript
vlibVerilog Library
vlsVisual Localize Script
vlxAutoLISP Visual LISP Executable
vmVelocity Macro File
vmtValve Source Material Data
vneVPLus Native Platform Executable
vnlVirtual NanoLab Script
vnmVenomIDE Venom Source Code
vnsVisual Net Server File
voCoq Compiled Object
vocMizar Vocabulary File
vofVZ Programmer Object Folder
vpcViziGen Project Configuration
vpiVirtual Pascal OS/2 Unit
vpyVortex Python Script
vqmAltera Quartus II Verilog Quartus Mapping Data
vqrCodePainter Revolution Query Painter Query
vsctVisual Studio Command Table
vsdiscoVisual Studio .NET Dynamic Discovery Data
vsglogVisual Studio Graphics Diagnostics Tool Log
vshMicrosoft DirectX D3D Vertex Shader
vshaderMicrosoft DirectX D3D Vertex Shader
vsixVisual Studio Extension Package
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