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Development File Extensions

sllPowerBASIC Static Link Library
slmMicrosoft Source Library Management File
slnMicrosoft Visual Studio Solution
slpAdobe RoboHelp Screen Layout Page
slzAdobe RoboHelp Exported Screen Layout
sm2Crestron SIMPL Program Backup
smaliAndroid Smali Assembly Source Code
smapJSP Source Map File
smclStata SMCL Log
smdlMicrosoft SQL Server SMDL Data
smftCrestron SIMPL Autoupdate Manifest Data
smrcSmtools Repository Data
smwCrestron SIMPL Program
sniMDK Archive
snippetVisual Studio IntelliSense Code Snippet
snk.NET Strong Name Key
snoSnobol4 Language Source Code
snwSweave Document
soUnix Shared Library
soyGoogle Closure Template
sp2SAS Permanent Utility
sp45SuperCard Player File
sp7SAS Permanent Utility
sparqlSPARQL Script
spdslogSAS Scalable Performance Data Server Log
specRPM Package Specification
spkNovell Netware Server Source Package
spkgWindows Phone Driver Package
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