Filename Extensions
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Development File Extensions

v2zTI Voyage 200 Assembly Program
v3sVisual3D Pipeline
v4pVVVV Patchlet
valaVala Source Code File
vbgVisual Basic Project Group
vbhtmlRazor VB Web Page
vbiIntelliCAD VBA Script
vblVisual Basic Control Licensing File
vbrRemote Automation RegistrationFile
vbsaNI Analysis Server Script
vbscriptVisual Basic Script
vbwVisual Basic Project Workspace
vbxVisual Basic Custom Control
vbzVisual Basic Wizard Launch File
vchVocola Include File
vclVocola Source Code
vcpropsMicrosoft Visual Studio 2008 Property Sheet Data
vctVisual FoxPro Class Library Memo
vcxVisual FoxPro Class Library
vcxitemsVisual Studio C++ Project Items Data
vdexAndroid VDEX Container
vdmVDM Source Code
vdtVersaPro Variable Declaration Table
vedVisionaire Studio Data
vedefArchestrA Symbols Reference Data
vertQT Vertex Shader
vfXilinx ISE Verilog Source Code
vflHoudini 3D VEX Shader Source
vfrUEFI VFR Code
vgcViziGen Code Generation Template
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