Filename Extensions
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Development File Extensions

turTuring Source Code
tvsconfigRAD Studio Modeling Configuration
twigTwig Template
txgToad Data Modeler Package
txlTXL Source Code
txsTiny XML Server Script
tybTy-Basic Source Code
tzjsTurbulenz Java Application
tzoTurbulenz Object
u2IBM Rational Tau U2 Model
u2dIntel Fortran Compiler Internal Build Data
ublTI DaVinci User Boot Loader
uc3AVR32 UC3 Firmware Image
ucaUnicode Collation Algorithm Data
uddOllyDbg Module Info
udnAlpha Five User Definition Data
udoRapidPLUS User Defined Object
udrJADE Unstructured Data Resource
uemUltraEdit Macro Source Code
ufCrestron SIMPL Compile
uhtAmulet uHTML GUI Data
uiQT User Interface File
uicCOCO Unit ICon File
uicAveva CAF User Interface Customization File
uihGeoworks UI Compiler Espire Header
uirNI LabWindows User Interface Resource File
uitUIX XML Page Template
uixUIX XML Page
ulbCOBOL Unisys Library File
ulcRevaSoft ULC Application
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