Filename Extensions
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Development File Extensions

xalOpen XAL Configuration
xamlxVisual Studio Workflow Service
xapXACT Project File
xblXBLite Source Code
xbmlSAP Business One Studio Workflow Process Data
xcappdataXcode App Data
xcarchiveXcode Archive
xcconfigXcode Configuration Settings
xcdatamodelXcode Core Data Model
xcdatamodeldXcode Core Data Model
xclIAR System Linker Command File
xcmdHyperCard External Commands
xcodepluginXcode Plug-in
xcpXLNT Script
xcpluginXcode Plug-in
xcschemeXcode Scheme Document
xcsnapshotsXcode Snapshot
xcssRichFaces XCSS File
xctXVI32 Conversion File
xctXilinx PARTGen Partlist File
xdfProWorx NXT Extended Memory Data File
xdfExtensible Data Format File
xdfleXtensible Data Flow Language Document
xdfzCompressed Extensible Data Format File
xdocletJBoss XDoclet Reference Data
xdtXscript Data File
xfdlXPLATFORM Screen Form Definition
xflAdobe Flash Exchange File
xgdwGDevelop Extension
xgfXgridfit Program
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