Filename Extensions
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Development File Extensions

tpmIBM RSA Transformation Parameters Model
tpuTurbo Pascal Unit
tpyTwinCAT PLC Project Variables
trTCL Trace Output
trbTurbo STK Application
trcHitachi Ladder Editor Trace File
trcTrue BASIC Compiled Program
trdfApache Jena RDF Thrift Data
tresGodot Engine Text Resource Data
trsWinDev HyperFileSQL Transaction Log
truTrue BASIC Source Code
trwTurbo Debugger for Windows Session-state Settings
trxWinDev HyperFileSQL Transaction TRX Log
tsTurbulenz Script
tscnGodot Engine Text Scene Data
tsfProWorx NXT Symbol File
tsnRatLab Training SFA Network Data
tsqTransact-SQL Script
tsqlTransact-SQL Script
ttVisual Studio T4 Text Template
ttcnTTCN-3 Script
tteTextTransformer Interpreter
ttiTextTransformer Script
ttincludeVisual Studio T4 Text Template Include
ttrTextTransformer Productions
tttTextTransformer Tests
ttwIBM Rational Tau Workspace
ttxTextTransformer Tokens
tuTuring Unit File
tuiNI LabWindows User Interface Data
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