Filename Extensions
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Development File Extensions

tdkBorland Turbo Debugger Keystroke Recording Data
tdlMathType Translator Definition Language
tdlogMicrosoft Visual Studio IntelliTrace Log
tdmLabVIEW Binary Measurement with XML Header
tdmsLabVIEW TDM Streaming Data
tdsTurbo Debugger Symbols
tdwTurbo Debugger for Windows Data
tdxLabVIEW Binary Measurement Data
tdyToday BuildProfessional Application Data
temMicrosoft Frontpage Website Template
tesTool Encapsulation Specification
testrunconfigVisual Studio Test Run Configuration
testsettingsVisual Studio Test Settings
tfXilinx ISE Verilog Test Bench
tfpProWorx NXT Full Page Data File
tfsBorland Turbo Profiler Statistical Data
tgnLaTeX Table Generator Data
tgrApex Trigger File
tgtWatcom IDE Target File
thmForeUI Theme Data
thorThor Source Code
tiTuring Include File
tiprogramTI-BASIC Program
tkTk Script
tkmtkMOO-light Script
tknLiberty BASIC Tokenized Source
tlbVisual Basic OLE Type Library
tldTag Library Descriptor
tlhVisual C++ TLH Header
tliVisual C++ TLI Header
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