Filename Extensions
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Development File Extensions

vtuParaView VTK Unstructured Grid
vtxValve Source Mesh Strip Data
vuedBASE IV View File
vueFoxPro 2 View
vvdValve Source Model Vertex Data
vvpIcarus Verilog Compiled Program
vvtVersaPro Variable View Table
vwfAltera Quartus II Vector Waveform File
wOpenEdge ABL Procedure File
w32Win32 Makefile
wadcfgMicrosoft Azure Diagnostics Configuration Data
wasmWebAssembly Binary Code
wastWebAssembly Textual Code
watWebAssembly Textual Code
wcp_settingsAlpha Five Web Project Settings
wctVisual Basic WebClass HTML Template
wdeWinDev Report File
wdgWinDev Procedures
wdiWinDev Component Description
wdkWinDev Component
wdmWinDev WDINT Extraction File
wdoWinDev Component List
wdtWinDev Template File
wdwWinDev Window File
wdyWinDev Run-Time Template
webinfoVisual Studio .NET Web Information Data
webtemplateiWeb Template
webthemeiWeb Theme Template
wetWinSQL Export Template
wewDebugging Tools for Windows Saved Workspace
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