Filename Extensions
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Development File Extensions

aioAPL Transfer Format File
ajAspectJ Source Code
al11SAP ABAP AL11 Transaction Code
alanAlan v3 Source Code
albAlpha Five Library
algPDP-10 Algol Compiler Source Code
almAlpha Five Data
alxActiveX Layout Control Data
alxAlpha Five Script Data
amApplix Builder Shelf Macro
amGNU Automake Input File
amdASCET XML Model Description
amfAutolog Macro
amnAero Studio 2008 Menu Data
amosAMOS Source Code
aneAdobe AIR Native Extension
aniValve Source Model Animation Data
animeventsAmazon Lumberyard Animation Events Database
animgraphAmazon Lumberyard Animation Graph Data
animsetFaceFX Animation Set Data
animset_ingameFaceFX In-Game Animation Set Data
anlProject Analyzer Saved Data
ansymAdobe Edge Animate Symbol Data
anvAnastasia Style
aopJBoss AOP File
apWebSuite Active Page
ap3VS10XX VSOS Application
apcGupta Team Developer Compiled Application
apdEclipse IDE Plugin Descriptor
apgAPGen Script
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