Filename Extensions
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Development File Extensions

adaAda Source Code
adbAda Implementation File
adbAlpha Five Database
adblockAlpha Five Database Lock
adcpAdobe Device Central Project
addApache Beehive Collection Data
addinVisual Studio Add-in Definition
adlsADL Source File
adppAdobe Device Central Profile Package
adsAda Specification File
adtEclipse IDE Cobol Project
adtIBM AIX Application Development Toolkit Data
advixeexpIntel Advisor Results Data
advsAdobe Device Central Device Set
aefCA Visual Objects Application Export Data
aelAsterisk Extension Language Source Code
aetFileMaker Pro Runtime Database
aexAlpha Five Compiled Library Script
aflPsion OPL Add-file List
agcAfterGRASP Compiled Script
agiAsterisk Gateway Interface
aglsAdobe GoLive Snippet
agoAutolog Script
agpASPMaker Project
agqAltair GraphQL Client Data
agsAfterGRASP Script
agwlAbstract Grid Workflow Language Data
ahfAnadigmDesigner ASCII Code
ahrOmnis Studio Ad hoc Report
ahtmlAmulet Module Main OS File
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