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Development File Extensions

arscAndroid Package Resource
asAdobe Flash ActionScript
AngelScript File
as1ActionScript 1.0 Source Code
as3ActionScript 3.0 Source Code
asaASP Global Script
asaxASP.NET Application
asbxASP.NET BridgeHandler Data
ascAdobe ActionScript Communication Script
ascpAdobe Device Central Project
ascsActionScript Communication Server Script
Adobe Device Central Data
ascxASP.NET User Controls
ashTurbo Assembler Header
ashxASP.NET HTTP Handler
asiAlpha Five Variables Data
Assembly Include File
asicASIC Source Code
asmAssembly Source Code
asmxASP.NET Web Service
asnUniface Assignment Data
asoActionScript Object
Turbo Assembler Compiled Object
aspActive Server Page
asp+ASP.NET ASP+ File
asphtmlActive Server Page
asprASProtect Related Data
aspxASP.NET Page
asqAcuSQL Precompiled File
asrFlash Server-side ActionScript
assetinfoAmazon Lumberyard Asset Info Data
asvCrestron SIMPL Program Autosave
MATLAB AutoSave File
asxAlpha Five Database Index
aszAlphaControls Skin Package
LoseThos Assembly Source Code
atcACUCOBOL-GT Thin Client Command File
atgCoco/R Attributed Grammar File
atlATP Assembler Source Code
atnVisual FoxPro Internet Search Wizard Data
atslnAtmel Studio Solution
au3AutoIt v3 Script
aubIntel GPU Simulator Input
autAutoIt Script
autosaveGDevelop Autosave Data
avmQAvimator Document
avrslnAtmel Studio Legacy Solution File
awFree Pascal Archive
awkAWK Script
awlAlternative Web Language Source Code
Siemens AWL File
WebDev AWP Page Library
awpWebDev AWP Page
awwsWebDev WebService Library
awxMicrosoft DirectX AWX Data
axModula-3 Linker Information
axbAlpha Five Xbasic Script
axdASP.NET Trace Handler
axeAnnotated XML Example
Paradigm C++ Integrated Debugger Data
axfARM RealView Compiler Object
µVision Absolute and Executable Object
axlASCET Compressed Model Data
axmlXamarin Android XML Layout
axpAxpDataGrid Data
GNU Arch Extension Data
axsActiveX Script
ayaAyauhteotl Parser Data
azcliMicrosoft Azure CLI Script
bBASIC Source
BuRg3r Definition Data
Limbo Source Code
Modula-3 Base Program
b1OpenEdge ABL Before Image
b2OpenEdge ABL Before Image
b24Ovation Pro for RISC OS C Script
b25Ovation Pro for RISC OS DDL Data
b26Ovation Pro for RISC OS Style Sheet
b27Ovation Pro for RISC OS Document
b2dBrutus2D Source Code
b3OpenEdge ABL Before Image
b32Borland C Compiler Data
b36PDP-10 BLISS-36 Compiler Source Code
baBSC Intermediate Object
babylonBabylon.js Scene
bacpacMicrosoft SQL Server DAC Exported Package
balB4A Layout
bamlCompiled XAML
barBREW MP Binary Application Resource
dBase Application Generator Menu Bar Object
basBASIC Source
basexBaseX Data
bashUnix Shell Script
bazZebra Printer Basic Source Code
bbBlitz Basic Code
bb2Blitz Basic Code
bbcBBC Basic Source Code
bbfScriptBasic Compiled Binary File
bbgGCOV BBG Data
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