Filename Extensions
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Development File Extensions

a3mMacromedia Authorware Macintosh File
a3wMacromedia Authorware Windows File
a3xAutoIt v3 Compiled Script
a41Adobe Authorware Library
a43IAR System MSP430 Target Application
a4eAdobe Authorware External Library
a4lAdobe Authorware Library
a4mMacromedia Authorware Macintosh File
a4pMacromedia Authorware Source
a4wMacromedia Authorware Windows File
a51Adobe Authorware 5.1 Library
a51µVision Assembler Source Code
a5lAdobe Authorware Library
a5mMacromedia Authorware Macintosh File
a5pMacromedia Authorware Source
a5rptAlpha Five Project Report
a5wAlpha Five Web Publishing File
a5wMacromedia Authorware Windows File
a5wcmpAlpha Five Web Publishing Component
a65Adobe Authorware 6.5 Library
a66µVision Assembler Source Code
a68PDP-10 Algol-68 Compiler Source Code
a6lAdobe Authorware Library
a6mMacromedia Authorware Macintosh File
a6pMacromedia Authorware Source
a6wMacromedia Authorware Windows File
a7eMacromedia Authorware Packaged Library
a7lAdobe Authorware Library
a7mMacromedia Authorware Macintosh File
a7pMacromedia Authorware Source
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