Filename Extensions
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Development File Extensions

cshaderVisual Studio CShader Data
csharpVisual C# Script
cshtmlRazor C# Web Page
csiContentServ CS EMMS Include
csiCR10X EdLog Source Code
csigSCons Content Signature
cslCitation Style Language Document
cslogCodeSite Log
csmC++ Builder Precompiled Header
csnAdobe Dreamweaver Code Snippet Data
csnDreamweaver Code Snippet File
csoHigh Level Shader Language Compiled Bytecode
cspCaseWare Working Papers Script Page
cspInterSystems Cache Server Page
cspRadGs Concept Server Page
cspkgMicrosoft Azure Service Package
csqMicrosoft Visual FoxPro Client-Server Query File
csxVisual C# Script
ctcVisual Studio Command Table Configuration
ctfMATLAB Component Technology File
ctlPDP-10 Batch File
ctlVisual Basic User Control Text
ctoVisual Studio Binary Command Table Output
ctpCakePHP Template
ctraceAndroid System Trace Data
ctrlOracle WebLogic Workshop Controls
ctsABC Permanent Locations Data
ctsymVisual Studio Command Table Symbols File
ctxVisual Basic User Control Binary File
ctxtBlueJ Context File
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