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Development File Extensions

fo1Borland Combined C/Assembly Source Code
Borland Turbo C Font Data
Borland Turbo C Main Database
fo2Borland Combined C/Assembly Source Code
Borland Turbo C Font Data
Borland Turbo C Main Database
fonHitachi Ladder Editor Force File
footerWebSTAR Directory Indexer Footer
forFortran Source Code
formGambas V2 Form
forthForth Source Code
foxFoxBase Compiled Executable
Visual FoxPro Executable
fpOpenGL Fragment Program
Visual FoxPro Configuration Data
fp2Crestron SIMPL Symbol Mapping Data
fp3FastReport v3 Prepared Report
fpaFront Panel Express Order Data
fpcFreePascal Compiler Makefile
fpdFront Panel Express Design
fpgtFlowgorithm Program Template
fpmVisual FoxPro Startup Data
fppFortran Source Code
Front Panel Designer Project
fpqMicrosoft Visual FoxPro Updatable Query File
fprgFlowgorithm Program
fpsFPS Creator Segment
fptFileMaker Pro Database Memo
Visual FoxPro Memo
fpxFastReport .NET Prepared Report
Visual FoxPro Compiled Program
fr3FastReport v3 Form
frameworkXcode Applicatiuon Framework Data
frfFreeReport Form
frgDBase IV Uncompiled Report
frmUniface Form Data
Visual Basic Form
frpgFlowgorithm Internal XML Data
frtForth Source Code
Visual FoxPro Report Memo
frxVisual FoxPro Report
fsF# Implementation
Forth Source Code
Gforth Forth Stream Source Code
fsbForm Z Compiled Script
fscrChromeEd Forester Data Script
fshOpenGL Fragment Shader
fsiF# Signature File
fslForm Z Script
fsqCryENGINE Facial Editor Sequence
fsscriptF# Script
fstCA-dBFast Linkable Program
fsxF# Script
ftdFalcon Template Document
fthForth Source Code
ftlFreeMarker Template
ftlhFreeMarker HTML Template
ftlxFreeMarker XML Template
ftnFortran Source Code
ftrFalcon Translation
fttFalcon Translation Template
ftxWinDev HyperFileSQL Full-text Index
fullCygwin Variable Log
funcFN Project Function Metadata
fw4Framework IV File
fwebFWEB Initialization Data
fwxFoxWeb Script
fxMicrosoft DirectX D3D Effect
fxaFaceFX Actor File
fxdFoxPro FoxDoc Support Data
fxhMetaTrader 4 Backup Data
XNA Game Studio HLSL Header File
fxlCryENGINE Facial Expression Library
FaceFX Language File
fxmlJavaFX Interface Description
fxoMicrosoft DirectX Pre-compiled Shader
fxpVisual FoxPro Compiled Program
fxplAdobe Flash FXP Library
g32GFA BASIC Tokenized Source
gabWinDev Skin Template
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