Filename Extensions
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Development File Extensions

codµVision Complete Program Listing Data
codapluginCoda Plug-in
codasiteCoda Site Data
cofCommon Object File
coffeeCoffeeScript JavaScript File
colaCola Language Source Code
combAmazon Lumberyard Blend Space Combination Data
compCodeWarrior Compiler Data
com_Emu8086 Assembly Source Code
concConcurnas Source Code
containerEclipse IDE Project Settings Data
cordVisual Studio Cord Data
coreLinux Core Dump Data
cosScilab Binary Diagram
cosfScilab ASCII Diagram
counterNetObjects Fusion Components Bbscomp Message
coverageVisual Studio Code Coverage Data
coveragexmlVisual Studio Code Coverage XML Data
coxClick and Create Extension Object
cpCPIde Source Code
cpbCPB Data
cpdscCMSIS Pack Project Description
cpfCab Provisioning Format
cpfProWorx NXT Comment Pointer Data
cphdCloudChan Pre-processed Hypertext Document
cpjCUDA Project
cpkNovell Netware Compiled Server Software Package
cpkWDK Driver Test Manager Log
cplConcordance Desktop Programming Language Script
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