Filename Extensions
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Development File Extensions

cgfProWorx NXT Codegen Batch
cgfxNvidia CgFX Shader
cgiRAD Studio CodeGuard Configuration
cgincUnity Custom Shader Include
cglRAD Studio CodeGuard Log
cgrQuest3D Channel Group File
cgtGOLD Parser Compiled Grammar Table
cgvpNvidia Cg Toolkit XML Data
chamCompiled HAM
changesSqueak Changes Data
chdChart FX Script
chefChef Source Code
chhBorland C++ Header
chiC To Haskell Interface File
chrAmazon Lumberyard Character Asset Data
chrCryENGINE Character Data
chsHaskell Source With C Hooks
cicHitachi Ladder Editor Circuit Comment
ciqCONNX InfoNaut Query
cjsCommonJS Script
ckChucK Source Code
ckbxCricket Audio XML Bank Description
ckgKokogut C Output File
ckmCreation Kit Macro
ckoKokogut C Output File
ckpMicrosoft SQL Server Checkpoint Data
clLisp Source Code
clOpenCL Kernel
claClarion for DOS Source Code
classGambas V2 Class Data
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