Filename Extensions
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Development File Extensions

xqmOxygen XML Editor XQuery Module
xqrXQuery Language Source Code
xquXQuery Update Data
xqueryXQuery Language Source Code
xqyXQuery Language Source Code
xrcwxWidgets XML Based Resource
xrdXRK Data File
xrgXscript Registry Data
xrmXrmToolkit XRM Data
xrmcacheXrmToolkit XRM Cache
xrmsuoXrmToolkit CRM Credentials Data
xscDataset Designer Internal Data
xscXscript Script
xscXVI32 Script
xsdAltova XMLSpy XMD Schema Definition Data
xsfMilinta APL APL+Win Data
xsoExpresso Project
xsqlOracle XSQL Servlet Server Side File
xssDataset Designer Surface Data
xstIBM WebSphere Query Template
xsuFortran 77 Library
xswMilnta APL Transfer Function Data
xsyUnity Pro Exported Variables
xsymCodeWarrior xSYM File
xtXdebug Trace Output
xtfXilinx ISE Netlist Data
xtmlXML4web HTML Document
xufMilinta APL Unix SAX Data
xulXML User Interface Language File
xuwMilinta APL Unix SAX Workspace
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