Filename Extensions
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Development File Extensions

xnCygwin LD-Script Data
xnbXNA Game Studio Binary Package
xndexNode Download Data
xobWeintekHMI EasyBuilder 8000 XOB File
xojo_binary_menuXojo Binary Menu Data
xojo_binary_projectXojo Binary Project
xojo_binary_toolbarXojo Binary Toolbar Data
xojo_binary_windowXojo Binary Window Data
xojo_menuXojo Menu Data
xojo_projectXojo Project
xojo_toolbarXojo Toolbar Data
xojo_windowXojo Window Data
xojo_xml_menuXojo XML Menu Data
xojo_xml_projectXojo XML Project
xojo_xml_toolbarXojo XML Toolbar Data
xojo_xml_windowXojo XML Window Data
xolSybase PowerDesigner Object Language Data
xomlMicrosoft Visual Studio Windows Workflow
xpbXPB! Basic Source Code
xpfMilinta APL AplX Data
xpkXscript Package
xppX++ Source Code
xpwMilinta APL AplX Workspace
xpzGeneXus Object
xqXQuery Language Source Code
xqlXML Query Language
xqmOxygen XML Editor XQuery Module
xqrXQuery Language Source Code
xquXQuery Update Data
xqueryXQuery Language Source Code
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