Filename Extensions
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Development File Extensions

wsilWeb Services Inspection Language Data
wsmWinDev Modeling Graph Data
wsmWise Package Studio Merge Module
wsmdiVisual Studio Test List Data
wspVisual C++ Workspace Data
wsrcWAIS Source File
wsspCommuniGate Pro Web Server-Side Programming Data
wteWinDev Report Template
wwfWebDev Installation Description
wwhWebDev Frameset Data
wwnWebDev Browser Procedures
wwtWebDev Page Template
wxwxBasic Source Code
wxbwxBasic Source Code
wxfWinDev Installation Temporary Data
wxfWinSQL Scheduled Task Script
wxiWiX Include File
wxlWiX Localization File
wxrwxWidgets Resource Data
wxresWinDev Automatic Test Results
wxsCode::Blocks XML Data
wxsWiX Source File
wxtWinDev Automatic Test
xMicrosoft DirectX D3D Object
xXBLite Source Code
xadlXPLATFORM Application Program Definition
xalExient XGS Asset List Data
xalOpen XAL Configuration
xamlxVisual Studio Workflow Service
xapXACT Project File
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