Filename Extensions
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Development File Extensions

binCrestron SIMPL Binary Output Data
binWindows CE Emulator Image
bin3LabVIEW Binary Data
bin_Emu8086 Assembly Source Code
birtBIRT Data
bldQuickBasic BLOAD Image
bldSPLat Build File
bliPDP-10 BLISS-10 Compiler Source Code
blkProWorx NXT Block Data File
blkWin32Forth Block Data
bllDelphi Localization Data
bltxBlaTeX Source Code
bluejBlueJ Package
bmlAlpha Five Image Library
bmsQuickBMS Script
bmtAlpha Five Image Library
bmxAlpha Five Image Library
boBSC Intermediate Object
bocHitachi Ladder Editor Box Comment
bogNiagara Ax BOG FIle
bokProStores Dynamic Web Page
bootInstallShield Boot File
borlandBorland C Makefile
bpgBorland Project Group
bpiBorland Package Import
bpkBorland Package
bplBorland Package Library
bqlSensorBee BQL Script
brOmnis Studio Data File
brcBASIS Binary Resource Data
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