Filename Extensions
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Development File Extensions

$Visual Basic Symbols Data
$01DOS Pipe File
1tFortran 1T Data
2clkFrontier for Mac Script
33bSYNETSIM QuickBasic Source Code
3dfbat3DField Script
3dmlw3D Markup Language for Web Document
3xe3DLinX Entity Data
42mGenero BDL Compiled Module
4da4D User Forms Data
4geIBM Informix 4GL Compiled Code
4glIBM Informix 4GL Source Code
4thForth Source Code
4uiForeUI Plot
aAda Source Code
aFree Pascal Archive
a1Free Pascal Compiled Archive
a1OpenEdge ABL After Image
a2OpenEdge ABL After Image
a31Adobe Authorware Library
a3cAlan v3 Adventure Code
a3lAdobe Authorware Library
a3mMacromedia Authorware Macintosh File
a3wMacromedia Authorware Windows File
a41Adobe Authorware Library
a43IAR System MSP430 Target Application
a4eAdobe Authorware External Library
a4lAdobe Authorware Library
a4mMacromedia Authorware Macintosh File
a4pMacromedia Authorware Source
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