Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

cmpKiCad Parts-to-module Assignments Data
cmp7Araxis Merge Comparison Data
cmp7Araxis Merge Saved Comparison Data
cmpckCET Designer Pack and Go Data
cmpdChemnum Compounds Data
cmphsCET Designer Photo Series Data
cmpkgChat Mapper Package
cmpkgCraftersmine Packager Package
cmplibAltium Designer Component Library
cmpmNucleoView Plot Manager Data
cmppNucleoView Post Processing Data
cmpprCET Designer Paper View Papers Data
cmpresetCET Designer Photograph Setup Preset Data
cmpriCET Designer Project Info
cmptCesium Composite Tile Data
cmrCoach Results File
cmrbkCaseMap ReportBook Definition Data
cmrcfCET Designer Reconfig Data
cmrfCET Designer Families Data
cmrtConflict Minerals Reporting Template
cmsCaseMap Case Script
cmsTrialDirector Case Data
cmsclCET Designer Schemes Data
cmsgArchiveOne CMSG Data
cmstlCET Designer Text Styles Data
cmsupNucleoView Package
cmsxNucleoView Protocol Data
cmtE-Sword v8 Commentary Data
cmtxCrystalMaker Drawing Data
cmtxE-Sword v9 Commentary Data
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