Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

cmdrwCET Designer Drawing Data
cmdtClarisWorks Dictionary Data
cmfCal3D Binary Mesh Data
cmfCaseMap File Viewer Definition
cmfCIFMIF File
cmfCorelDraw Metafile
cmfPBD-14 CMF Data
cmfavCET Designer Favorites Data
cmfrlCET Designer Furniture Layout Data
cmhPLINK Cochran Mantel Haenszel 2x2xK Test Report
cmh2PLINK Cochran Mantel Haenszel IxJxK Test Report
cmiCamomile Interface Data
cmjControlMyJoystick Profile
cmlChemical Markup Language File
cmlCryptoMailer Encrypted File
cmlFiletopia Collection Manager List
cmlastCET Designer Last Drawing Backup
cmlockCET Designer Lock Data
cmmColorSync Utility CMM Data
cmmCorel Multimedia Manager v7 Album
cmmthemeCleanMyMac Theme Data
cmnMicrosoft SMS Collection Membership Update
cmo3DVIA Virtools Behavioral Server Composition
cmoVisual3D C-Motion Output Data
cmo3Live2D Cubism 3 Model Data
cmodCelestia Model
cmpCorelDraw Postscript Printer Header Data
cmpGeneral CADD Component Data
cmpGiza Specifier Color Map
cmpHeliosoft Seismaster Colormap File
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