Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

cldlyrTerragen Cloud Layer Data
cleIcon Lock-iT XP Locked File Indicator
cleanInstagram for Android Cache Data
clfDesignWorks Library
clfListPro Data
clf1Common Loudspeaker Format Type 1 File
clf2Common Loudspeaker Format Type 2 File
clgQIP Ignored Contact List Data
clhNoteTab Clip Assistant List
cliAquaCrop Climate Data
clibCATS Library File
clippingMac Text Clipping Data
clkcClicker Connect Set
clkkClicker Keyboard
clkmClicker Matching Set
clkpClicker Palette
clksClicker Sentences Data
clktkClicker Talk Set
clkvClicker Communicator Vocabulary Set
cllCrick Software Clicker Data
clmClipboard Master Data
clmGenePattern CEL Descriptor
clmMicrografx Picture Publisher Macro
clm2Clipboard Master Data
clm4Clipboard Master Data
clmlicClipboard Master License Data
cloSPSS Chalkboard Data
clocCATS Location File
clonecdCloneCD Registration Data
clonedvdCloneDVD Registration Data
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