Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

chpAffymetrix Probe Array Results File
chqHelp Combined Full-text Search
chrAltair FEKO FEST3D S-parameter Matrix Data
chrAutodesk 3D Studio Max Character File
chrNintendo DS Character Data
chr0Nintendo Wii Model Animation Data
chroRelEx Chromatograms Data
chsCorel Presentations Charts Style Data
chsMotionTracking Chromatic Shift Correction Data
chteSignal CHT Data
chtGenerations Family Tree Chart Data
chtIBM SPSS Template Data
chtICQ Saved Chat Session
chtNovagraph Chartist Data
chtZSNES Game Cheat
chvChView Interactive Star Map
chwCompiled HTML Help Index
chxAutoCAD Standards Check
chyFileMaker Pro Data
ch_Compressed CHM File
ciCitectSCADA Data
ciiBlaze Case Information File
ciPolyspace Preprocessed Code Data
ciaNintendo 3DS CTR Importable Archive
cibConcordance Imagebase File
cibDIALux Luminaire Data
cidcoDiagnostiX User Defined Implant Data
cidEL-CID Data
cieCIE Color Information Data
cifColorImpact File
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