Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

chbOLE DB Checkbook Data
chcHCFR Colorimeter Data
chckMicrosoft Exchange Database Check Data
checkCASTEP Check Binary
chemTI bqEASY Chemistry Data
chfPCAnywhere Remote Control Data
chgQuicken Online Data
chgWindows Netlogon ChangeLog
chiCUHP Input Data
chiTombo Encrypted Data
chjIBM SPSS Interview Cache
chkDB/TextWorks Check Textbase Problem Report
chkEpidata Defined Checks
chkGaussian Checkpoint File
chkNVU CHK Data
chkPolyspace Check Results Data
chkSaved File Fragment
chkSophos Anti-Virus Intercheck Data
chlChromeleon Channel Raw Data
chlConTEXT Highlighter Data
chlRealPlayer Live Channel Data
chlsCharles Session Data
chlsjCharles Proxy Recording Data
chmChemDraw Chemical Structure
chmSWAT Soil Chemical Input Data
chmlChameleon Studio Database
chnEthnograph Data
chnMODTRAN CHN Output File
choAnimation Master Choreography Data
choCUHP Output Data
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