Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

ccsTrialDirector Clip Script
cctDesignWorks Schematic Data
cctMicroSim PCBoard Design Information
cctVector CAD Template
ccuCryptLoad Update Data
ccvSAP Business Objects Crystal Vision Report
ccwCrossword Compiler Crossword File
ccwslnConnected Components Workbench Data
cczClient-Course Manager Customized Report Distribution Data
cdSTK City Database Main File
cd1DATAIR Cafeteria Document System Data
cd2DATAIR Cafeteria Document System Custom Data
cdbFreeOTFE Key Data
cdbSybase PowerDesigner Conceptual Data Model Backup
cdbcmsgCIM Database CMSG Data
cdcChromeleon Device Driver Configuration
cdcCLAN Debug Data
cdcOvation 1 Style Sheet
cdcomCircuit Diagram Compiled Components File
cddCadifra Diagram Data
cddChromeleon Device Driver
cdeCADKEY Dynamic Extension
cdedCanadian Digital Elevation Data
cdfAffymetrix Chip Description File
cdfANDI/netCDF Chromatography Data
cdfECMG Content Definition File
cdfInstallShield Components Definition
cdfMicroSim PCBoard Component Definition Data
cdfMicrosoft Channel Definition Format Data
cdfnetCDF Data
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