Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

cb5CubeAnimator LED Data
cbaDB/TextWorks SQL Textbase Definition
cbbDB/TextWorks SQL Textbase Structure Definition
cbcCubiCalc Fuzzy Logic System Data
cbcMODFLOW Cell-by-cell Flow Data
cbcpCodeBaby Production Studio Character Package
cbdCorel WordPerfect Dictionary Data
cbddlpChiTuBox Sliced 3D Object
cbfCoffeeCup Button Factory Button
cbgCyberGauge Data File
cbinCACTVS Binary File
cbkDYMO CardScan Backup Data
cbkGiza Specifier Drawing Backup
cbmEaseUS Todo Backup Data
cbmlVernier Logger Pro Data
cbmvComic Book Millennium Collection Data
cboMicrosoft Interactive Training Bookmark
cborConcise Binary Object Representation Data
cbrDAZ 3D Carrara 6 Browser Data
cbsDB/TextWorks SQL Textbase Structure Data
cbwCardbox Workspace Data
cbxIBM Rational XDE Collaboration File
cbxWestok Cellbeam Data
cbxxWestok Cellbeam Data
ccSTK City Database Counties
cc1Briggs Softworks Calendar Commander Data
cc1CARE-S InfoWorks Chemical Oxygen Detail Data
cc2Calendar Commander v2 Calendar Data
cc3CUEcards Data
cc4Crossword Compiler v4 Crossword Data
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