Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

calibreCalibre Device Information Data
calibzChief Architect Library Archive
callsNimbleGen Gene Expression Value Data
camADS40 Camera Calibration Data
camCimagraphi Mill Data
camCircuitCAM Design
camMinolta Vivid 3D Scanner Camera Data
camPC 1000 Calculation Method Data
cam-ftCircuitCAM Footpring Library
cam-gmcCircuitCAM GMC Library
cam360Autodesk Fusion 360 CAM Data
cammEspresso Mind Map Document
campWCS Color Appearance Model Profile
camtSEPA CAMT Data
can3Live2D Cubism 3 Basic Motion Data
canfCanOpener Data
cannedsearchMac OS X Finder Predefined Search Data
caoCAO Cryptographic Language Data
capAgilent LAN Analyser Capture Data
capCaptionMaker Caption Data
capLibpcap Captured Packets
capPacketView Pro Captured Packet Data
capsCaptureSaver Knowledge Base
captLinrock Capito Data
carDAZ 3D Carrara 6 Environment Data
carPC 1000 Calculation Result Data
caroAdobe Acrobat Creator Code
casciiCACTVS Chemical ASCII Format Data
caseANSYS EnSight Results Data
castepCASTEP Data
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