Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

ca4STABCAL Calculation Data
ca5STABCAL Calculation Data
ca6STABCAL Calculation Data
ca7STABCAL Calculation Data
cabalHaskell Cabal Data
caccrtCACAO Cartesian Chemical Modeller Data
cache-2VLC Media Player Font Cache
cache-3VLC Media Player Font Cache
cache2Pro/ENGINEER Cached Data
cachedmsgValve Steam Cache Data
cachedumpCachedump Data
cadcCorpatla Data Container
cadpacCADPAC Chemical Modeller Input Data
caeAbaqus/CAE Model Database
cafCal3D Binary Animation
cagCADfix ASCII Geometry Data
cagCapella Gallery Data
cagMicrosoft ClipArt Gallery Database
cahUlead Photo Explorer Thumbnail Cache
calAutodesk 3D Studio Max Pose Adjustment Data
calHTML Calendar Maker Pro Calendar Data
calKeysight PLTS Calibration Data
calLego Mindstorms NXT Sensor Calibration Data
calRadiance Function File
calSuperCalc WorkSheet
calSWAT Auto-calibration Data
cal3dCal3D Data
calbCoolect Album Data
caldbHEASARC Calibration Database
calibChief Architect Library
1921 to 1950 of 15812