Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

zw9EPLAN Basic Project
zwbZamurai Mobile Whiteboard Data
zwdfVooPoo Firmware Update Data
zwdspeXtendable Wad Editor ZWDSP Data
zweMotionWorks IEC Express Project Archive
zwoZwift Cycling Workouts Data
zxKGB ZX Spectrum Emulator Snapshot
zx82Speculator 97 Snapshot
zxbZX-Blockeditor Metafile
zxcComponents Engine Database
zxeZX-Editor Second Edition Format Data
zxlImmersioni Dive Logbook Data
zxsZX Spectrum Emulator ZXS Snapshot
zxtWarajevo Tape Image
zxuImmersioni Dive Logbook DL7 Data
zxxBlueZone Session Data
zypReason Subtractor Synth Instrument Patch
zysBusiness Integrator Database
zzdISIS Detailed Convergence Data
zzjISIS Outputs Matrix Coefficients Data
zzoISIS Control Unit Data
zzrZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed File
zzsISIS Initial Conditions Data
zzsMultiView Script
zztISIS Unit Data Store
zzxISIS Results Data
zzzWRAP Priority Sequence Stream Flow Availability Data
^^^Pervasive.SQL Database
_14Altair FEKO Temporary Storage Data
_15Altair FEKO Temporary Storage Data
18181 to 18210 of 18237