Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

zibZX-Editor Graphic Library
zicZooImage Categories Data
zidZooImage Data
zifAdobe Photoshop Zoomify Image Format Data
zigZIG Game Construction Kit Game Data
zilDMDX ZIL Output Data
zimOpenZIM Archive
zimaaKiwix Data
zimaaOpenZIM Splitted Archive
zimabOpenZIM Splitted Archive
zimacOpenZIM Splitted Archive
zinZINDO Input Data
zipoNeed for Madness Game Data
zisZooImage Series Description
zitZIT File Tracking Repository Data
zixQuicken Data
zixZixCorp Encrypted Data
zjvPARTsolutions 3D Model
zkaIntuit Quicken 6 for Windows Data
zknAdobe RoboHelp WebHelp Skin Definition
zksZK Stereo Data
zktxlibGDX Compressed Texture Data
zkxZixCorp Signature Data
zlEasy CD Creator Drag to Disk Data
zlMoney S3 Temporary Data
zlbForm Z Symbol Library File
zlge-Surveiller Compressed Log
zlicKeyShot License Data
zlogZTreeWin Log
zlorbFrotz Interactive Fiction Engine Data
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