Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

4dx4D Database Plug-in
4fi4D Database ASCII Table Data
4fr4D Database Apply Formula Data
4lb4D Label Editor Data
4lk4D Database Hotlink Data
4log4D Database for Mac Log
4mp4-MP3 Database
4mtMacroToolbar Macro Set
4pkPerfect Keyboard Macro Set
4qr4D Database Quick Report Document
4scforScore Metadata
4st4D Database Document SAVE SET Data
4sw4DOS Swapfile
4twMacro ToolsWorks Backup Data
4twMacro Toolworks Macro Set
4ug4D Database Users and Groups Data
4vr4D Database Saved Variable Data
4wdWebMerge Data List
4wsMacro Toolworks Data
51zCropWalker Data
545Aimutation Skin
5brFivebar Geometry Data
5dMicrosoft Works Data
5fsVU-AMS Recording Data
5slrdecreasEdGCM Results Data
5vwAccellent 5View Packet Capture
5xsLine 6 POD HD500X Edit Setlist Data
64dPC64 Emulator Data
64kPC64 Emulator 64K Data
67cFLEXnet Manager Data
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