Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

abeNoScript Application Boundaries Enforcer Data
abkKodak EasyShare Addressbook Data
abkCorelDraw AutoBackup
ablADONIS Application Business Library
abnfAugmented Backus-Naur Form
abpAVS Barcode Source Profile
abqAbaqus/Explicit State Data
abuAct! Database Index
abxCorel WordPerfect Mail Addressbook
abyAOL Desktop Address Book
abzPro/ENGINEER AutobuildZ Data
acCaseWare Working Papers Client File
ac$Autodesk AutoCAD Temporary File
ac2Banana Accounting Data
acaMicrosoft Agent Character Animation
accduMicrosoft Access Add-in Data
accuripAccuRIP Data
acdMODTRAN ACD Spectral Output File
acdbAldec Coverage Database
acdbAndroid Audio Calibration Database
aceTablet Assembly Data
acfMicrosoft Agent Character Data
acgMicrosoft Agent Character Preview
aciWebCGM ACI File
acis3D ACIS Modeler Data
aclMicrosoft Office AutoCorrect List
acmAdobe Photoshop Command Button
acmlAircraft Movement Logger Data
acoCYANA Dihedral Angle Constraint File
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