Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

bruBrutus Restore Data
brushlibraryCorel Painter Brush Library
brushsetProcreate Brush Set Data
brushvariantCorel Painter Brush Variant Data
brvBrave Viewer Thumbnail Cache
brwCalyx Point Borrower
brwPhotoCool Thumbnail Cache
brxBricsCAD Runtime Extension
brxEpicor Portal Backup Data
bs4Mikogo Recorded Session
bs7Windows 7 Boot Updater Skin
bsbNOAA Nautical Charts
bsbSWAT Sub-basin Output Data
bsbXilinx Base System Builder Playback File
bscArgus ONE Modflow GUI-PIE Data
bscBalanced Scorecard Designer Data
bscBASin Code Format Data
bscaIBM System/3 BSCA Data
bschBartco VMS Message Schedule Data
bscompBootstrap Studio Component Data
bscsBalanced Scorecard Designer Data
bsctBalanced Scorecard Designer Strategy Data
bsdBASin Data Format Data
bsdFacetWin Backup Set Description
bsdXilinx BSDL File
bsdfZemax Scattering Distribution Data
bsdiffBinary DIFF Data
bsdlXilinx BSDL File
bseCRiSP Harvest Base Data
bsigClamAV Binary Signature
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