Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

br32BMW iDrive Multimedia Data
br48BMW iDrive Multimedia Data
braggRMCProfile Bragg Scattering Data
braggoutRMCProfile Bragg Profile Output Data
brainPersonal Brain v6 File
brainPersonalBrain Mind Map Data
brbBryce Object Export
brcWRAP Beginning Reservoir Concentration Data
brdBizInt Smart Charts for Drug Pipelines Data Transfer Data
brdfDisney BRDF File
breBible Reference Exporter Extracted List
breBreuckmann 3D Scanner Data
bref3BEAGLE References Data
briSeisWorks Bricked Seismic Data Format File
bridgecacheAdobe Bridge Cache Data
bridgesortAdobe Bridge Cabinet Data
brkProtein Data Bank
brmKega Fusion RAM Backup Data
brmlBig Red Markup Language Code
brnBrainStorm Data
brnMegaHAL Brain Data
brnPersonal Brain File
brpBryce Brush Data
brpE-Sword Bible Reading Plan
brpxE-Sword Bible Reading Plan
brresBRRES Resource Package
brsAdobe RoboHelp Browse Sequence
brsCorel Painter Brush Data
brsWRAP Beginning Reservoir Storage Data
brstmspmeXtendable Wad Editor BRSTMSPM Data
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