Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

xctExtremeCopy Task
xctlLabVIEW XControl Data
xcvaultXCVault Utility Data
xcworkspaceXcode Workspace Data
xd0XTreeGold for Dos Help Data
xdatXMVB Data File
xdbHyperCD HyperLOCK Encrypted Data
xdbNorton Antivirus Update
xdbxFarDic Dictionary Data
xdbXtext Compiled Database
xdcAdobe Acrobat Printer Description
xddXFIT XDD Format Data
xdeltaXdelta Binary Differential Data
xdfTunerPro Definition File
xdfWorkshare Synergy XDF Data
xdlExpert Definition Language Document
xdmOracle BI Publisher Data Model
xdmzOracle BI Publisher Compressed Data Model
xdnaDNA Strider Sequence Data
xdoOracle BI Publisher Report Definition
xdozOracle BI Publisher Compressed Report Definition
xdrMicrosoft BizTalk XML Reduced Data
xdrzOracle BI Publisher Folder Data
xdsLcdStudio Design
xdsscDSSC XML Data
xdtWin-Test Extra Data
xdwWorkNC CAD Data
xdxfXML Dictionary eXchange Format Data
xe0XTreeGold for Dos Help Data
xecAfaria XEC File
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