Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

5vwAccellent 5View Packet Capture
5xsLine 6 POD HD500X Edit Setlist Data
64dPC64 Emulator Data
67cFLEXnet Manager Data
73bTI-73 Backup
73cTI-73 Constant
73dTI-73 Calculator Graph Database
73gTI-73 Group Data
73lTI-73 Data List
73nTI-73 Real Number Data
73pTI-73 Calculator Program
73qTI-73 Calculator Certificate Data
73sTI-73 String Data
73tTI-73 Calculator Table Setup Data
73vTI-73 Calculator Vector Data
73wTI-73 Window Setup Data
73yTI-73 Calculator Equation Data
7cbSeeMyEnc SENC Data
7mpSafeNet MP-1 Token Data
7scMODTRAN Spectral Transmittance Data
82gTI-82 Calculator Group Data
82tTI-82 Calculator Text Data
82wTI-82 Calculator Window Setup
82yTI-82 Calculator Equation Data
82zTI-82 Calculator Assembly Program
83bTI-83 Backup Memory Image
83cTI-83 Complex Variable Data
83dTI-83 Calculator Graph Database
83eTI-83 Calculator Expression Data
83gTI-83 Calculator Group Data
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