Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

83sTI-83 Calculator String Data
83tTI-83 Calculator Table Setup
83vTI-83 Calculator Vector Data
83wTI-83 Calculator Window Setup
83yTI-83 Calculator Equation Data
83zTI-83 Calculator Assembly Program
85bTI-85 Calculator Backup Memory Image
85cTI-85 Complex Variable Data
85dTI-85 Calculator Graph Database
85gTI-85 Calculator Group Data
85mTI-85 Calculator Matrix Data
85nTI-85 Data
85rTI-85 Range Data
85vTI-85 Vector Data
86cTI-86 Complex Variable Data
86dTI-86 Calculator Graph Database
86eTI-86 Expression Data
86gTI-86 Group Data
86kTI-86 Calculator Constant Data
86lTI-86 Calculator List Data
86mTI-86 Calculator Matrix Data
86nTI-86 Number Data
86rTI-86 Calculator Range Data
86sTI-86 Calculator String Data
86vTI-86 Vector Data
86wTI-86 Calculator Window Setup
86yTI-86 Calculator Equation Data
89aTI-89 Calculator Figure Data
89bTI-89 Backup Memory Image
89cTI-89 Complex Variable Data
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