Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

92dTI-92 Graph Database
92eTI-92 Expression Data
92fTI-92 Function Data
92kTI-92 Data
92sTI-92 String Data
92tTI-92 Text Data
92uTI-92 OS Update Data
92xTI-92 Macro
97tAvaility Electronic Batch Report
999Multipass Security Data
9xfTI-92 Plus Function
aSTK Attitude
a1wishAudials One Wishlist
a26Atari 2600 ROM Image
a2cAlice v2 Object
a2desktopAston 2 Desktop Theme File
a2menuAston 2 Menu Theme File
a2panelAston 2 Panel Theme File
a2themeAston 2 Theme File
a3cAlice v3 Class
a3eAutodesk Showcase Environments
a3gPhoto! 3D Album Gallery
a3sAutodesk Showcase 3D Scene
a52Atari 5200 ROM Image
a5dMacromedia Authorware Model
a5eMacromedia Authorware v5 Packaged Library
a64rptAIDA64 Report
a65Authorware 6.5
a6dMacromedia Authorware Model
a78Atari 7800 ROM Image
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