Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

8xbTI-83/84 Plus Backup Memory Image
8xcTI-83/84 Plus Complex Variable Data
8xdTI-83/84 Plus Graph Database
8xeTI-83/84 Plus Expression Data
8xfTI-83/84 Plus Function
8xgTI-83/84 Plus Group
8xkTI-83/84 Plus Application Upgrade
8xlTI-83/84 Plus List Data
8xmTI-83/84 Plus Matrix Data
8xnTI-83/84 Plus Number Data
8xqTI-83/84 Plus Certificate Data
8xsTI-83/84 Plus String Data
8xtTI-83/84 Plus Table Setup
8xvTI-83/84 Plus Variable Data
8xwTI-83/84 Plus Window Setup
8xyTI-83/84 Plus App Variable Data
8xzTI-83/84 Plus Assembly Program
92bTI-92 Backup Data
92cTI-92 Data
92dTI-92 Graph Database
92eTI-92 Expression Data
92fTI-92 Function Data
92kTI-92 Data
92sTI-92 String Data
92tTI-92 Text Data
92uTI-92 OS Update Data
92xTI-92 Macro
97tAvaility Electronic Batch Report
999Multipass Security Data
9xfTI-92 Plus Function
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