Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

3smContextCapture Scalable Mesh
3tAdvent 3B2 Text
3taTriple-T Animation Data
3tfThreeDGraphics PGSDK Template Data
3th3D Movie Maker Thumbnail Data
3wsCityEngine Web Scene
3xAdvent 3B2 Document Entity
3x53x5 Knowledge Base Data
477MNS Shape Definition Companion Data
48gEMU48 Rom Image
49gEMU48 Rom Image
4br4D Backup Description Data
4c3STABCAL 4C3 Data
4cmClickMouse Macro Set
4d4DIM Model Data
4db4D Database Structure Data
4dc4D Database Compiled Structure
4dd4D Database Data File
4det4D Database for Mac Label Editor Data
4df4D Database Search Document
4dg4th Down Football Scout Game Data
4dhl4D Database for Mac Hotlink Data
4dl4D Database Log
4dm4D Database Method Data
4dr4D Database Resource Data
4ds4D Database Data Segment
4dug4D Database Users and Groups Data
4dv4D View Ultrasound Data
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