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Data File Extensions

aafMicrosoft Agent AAF Data
aagGlobDEM50 Data
aalAgent Animation List
aamAdobe Authorware Map
aamaOptitex 3D Suite Grading File
aanAvid Pro Tools Analysis Data
aaoAgenda At Once Database
aapLexNavigator Information Update Data
aappAdobe Acrobat AcroApp Script
aardAARD Dictionary Data
aasAdobe Authorware Segment File
Audible Words Data
aatArchiCAD Attributes Data
aatrendActiveFactory Trend Data
aauiAdobe Acrobat User Interface Data
aawdefAd-Aware Definitions Data
ab$Autodesk AutoCAD Plot Spooling Data
ab1DNA Electropherogram File
ab2Print Shop Addressbook Data
ab3PhotoImpact 3 Album
ab4Eniac AB4 Data
ab6ABstat Data
ab8ABstat Data
abaAkAbak Abacus Formula Script
Avant Browser Addon Data
abbAlphaBB Data
abbuMac OS X Address Book Backup
abcABC Music Notation Data
ABC-View Manager Thumbnail Cache
Act! Database Index
Alembic Data
abcdAudioVisual Book Data
abcddbApple Address Book Contact List Database
abcdmrApple Address Book Mail Recent Data
abcdpAddress Book CoreData Person Data
abdAdventure Builder Data
Intuit Quicken Address Book Add-on Data
The Bat! Address Book
abdataAdobe Bridge Keywords Database
abeNoScript Application Boundaries Enforcer Data
abfMicrosoft SQL Server Analysis Services Backup Data
abf2Axon pCLAMP ABF2 Data
abicollabAbiCollab Collaborative File Descriptor Data
abkCorelDraw AutoBackup
HP 95LX Appointment Book Data
Kodak EasyShare Addressbook Data
ablADONIS Application Business Library
Maxagrid Avails Data
abmApplication Boundaries Enforcer Data
abnfAugmented Backus-Naur Form
jCard to vCard data
abocEdge Boundary Condition Data
abpAVS Barcode Source Profile
abqAbaqus/Explicit State Data
absAbscissa Data
Absolute Database Data
Avant Browser Skin Data
Mattson WinFIRST Binary Data
Rocket D3 Executable Object Module Data
abs8Avantes Avasoft v8 Absorbance Mode Data
abtABC-View Manager Thumbnail
Arbiter Game Schedule Data
abuAct! Database Index
abxCorel WordPerfect Mail Addressbook
abyAOL Desktop Address Book
abzPro/ENGINEER AutobuildZ Data
acCaseWare Working Papers Client File
ac$Autodesk AutoCAD Temporary File
ac0HSPICE AC Sweep Waveforms Data
ac1SPICE AC/Frequence Data
ac2Banana Accounting Data
SPICE AC/Frequence Data
ac3SPICE AC/Frequence Data
ac4Clone Manager Compare Results Data
SPICE AC/Frequence Data
ac5SPICE AC/Frequence Data
ac6SPICE AC/Frequence Data
ac7SPICE AC/Frequence Data
ac8SPICE AC/Frequence Data
ac9SPICE AC/Frequence Data
acaMicrosoft Agent Character Animation
aca2Fontographer Data
acadAutodesk AutoCAD Database
acasAdvanced CATaloguer Pro Temporary Data
acatAdvanced CATaloguer Pro Database
acbAutodesk AutoCAD Color Book Data
accAccent Duo Data
GEM Accessory Data
GeneMapper Access Control Data
Microsoft Image Composer Data
accduMicrosoft Access Add-in Data
acctIBM AIX Accounting Data
acctlMicrosoft InfoPath Data
accuripAccuRIP Data
acdallCLEAR Flowcharter Data
Autodesk Simulation Mechanical Tracks Data
Chromeleon Audit Trail Data
Chromeleon Channel Raw Data
Chromeleon Control Panel