Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

wgqWackGet Queue Data
wgsRichFX Walk-Graph Segment
wgtSPSD/M WGT Data
wgxWatchGuard IPSec Mobile VPN Client Certificate Data
wh2Clear Creek Solutions Project Data
whfWing Helper Design Document
whlpMicrosoft Word for Mac Help Data
whpFullProf Williamson-Hall Plot Data
whrSAP R/3 Tablesplitting Query Data
whttHTTrack Website Copier Data
whxWinHex Backup Data
wibucmracWIBU CodeMeter Remote Context Data
wibucmramWIBU CodeMeter Modified Context Data
wibucmrauWIBU CodeMeter Remote Update Data
widCorel Ventura 4 Width Table
widMicrosoft Sharepoint Document Set Index
widSAP Business Objects Web Intelligence Data
wieWordPress Widget Exporter Data
wiffAB SCIEX Windows Interchange File Format Data
wigWiggle Genome Track Data
wilwIntegrate License Data
wildHyperCard WILD Data
wimpMicrosoft Windows Icon Palette
winOpera Saved Session
win32GetDiz Data
windowslivecontactWindows Live Messenger Contacts Data
windsproskinWinDS PRO Skin Data
wingsWings 3D Mesh
winmergeWinMerge Data
wipCyberScrub Privacy Suite Wipe Data
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