Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

vpAutodesk 3D Studio Max Video Posting Data
vpVisual Passage Planner Profile
vpXtalView Xfit Viewpoint Data
vp2Vee-Hive Library
vpaVPchat Chat Gestures
vpcVSO PhotoDVD Compilation Data
vpcbackupMicrosoft Virtual PC Backup
vpdMikuMikuDance Vocaloid Pose Data
vpdVoxPro Database
vpdbVIP Organizer Database
vpeAdobe Photoshop Vanishing Point Exchange File
vpolWindows Credential Manager Policy Data
vppVisionPro Presistence Data
vpuAvast Antivirus Setup/Update Package
vpwSlickEdit Workspace Data
vpwhistSlickEdit Workspace Backup Data
vpwhistSlickEdit Workspace Data
vpxAvast Antivirus Update
vqcVirtual CD Quick Copy
vqdVisiQuick Data
vqeYamaha SoundVQ Locator Data
vr1Advance Design Results File
vr1Green Kenue Velocity Rose Data
vrbsLameXP Audio Encoder Data
vrcViewRanger Map Data
vrcaVRchat Avatar Data
vrcwVRchat World Data
vrdsVSE/VSAM Variable-Length Records Stored Data
vrfOracle Database Configuration Data
vrgViewRanger Map Data
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