Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

vd2KNX Virtual Device Export File
vd3KNX Virtual Device Export File
vd4KNX Virtual Device Export File
vd5KNX Virtual Device Export File
vdafsCAD VDA-FS Data Exchange Format Data
vdatSkyGazer Data
vdataVaulty Vault Data
vdbDr.Web Anti-Virus Database
vdbNorton Antivirus Virus Database
vdbOpenVDB Volume Database
vdbPC-Cillin 2000 Data
vdbVistaDB Database
vdb3VistaDB Database
vdblXilinx ISE Internal Data
vdbxXilinx ISE Internal Data
vddlOpenGL Volumizer VDDL Data
vdeVEDA Elements File
vdfVersaCheck Data File
vdfVexira Antivirus Virus Definition Data
vdfVisionary Viewer Data
vdgAQLogEdit Export File
vdhVideo DownloadHelper Metadata
vdiVirtualDub Debug Info Data
vdicLastBit Password Recovery Dictionary
vdjcacheVirtualDJ Cache Data
vdjsendVirtualDJ Data
vdlCyberLink PowerDVD Data
vdrVirtualDub Frame-Server Data
vdsVEDA User Sets File
vdtVEDA Topology File
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