Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

transAmaya Transformations Data
trashinfoLinux Trash Storage Metadata
trawPLINK Variant-major Additive Component File
trayCorelDRAW Corel CONNECT Tray Data
trbAnimation Master Turbulence Plug-in Data
trbHP Printer Diagnostic Package
trbWAsP Wind Turbine Data
trbwSTAR-CCM+ TurboWizard File
trcLattice Reveal Analyzer Waveform Data
trcSVAL Truncated Data
trceCorel Trace Data
trdLingea Lexicon Dictionary Data
trdTrID Definitions Package
treTreeAge Decision Tree
treeEs-Builder v3 Tree File
treedbTreeDBNotes Options Data
treefileGDE Phylogenetic Tree Data
trfBrainVoyager QX Transformations Data
trfLFToolkit Transformation Rules File
trgSQL Script Triggers
trgSymantec LiveUpdate TRG Data
triAlias PowerAnimator 3D Data
triCart3D Triangulation Data
triFreeSurfer Triangular Surface Data
triGreg Hood Binary Triangles Data
triNeuroscan Triangulated Surface Data
triRibbons Triangle Definition
triSymantec LiveUpdate Product Update List
triaGreg Hood ASCII Triangles Data
tribGreg Hood Binary Triangles Data
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