Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

tmeshCyberware 3D Scanner Data
tmgThe Master Genealogist Data
tmlBentley InRoads Typical Section Library Data
tmlDB/TextWorks Thesaurus Maintenance Lock
tmlanguageTextMate Language Grammar Data
tmmTimeMap Metadata
tmnTmin Input File
tmpAquaCrop Air Temperature Data
tmpNero WaveEditor Peak Data
tmpSafeDisc Temporary Data
tmpSWAT Temperature Input Data
tmplXfire User Interface Template
tmplxMicrosoft Windows Starter Group Policy Object XML
tmprtfLexisNexis TimeMap Portable Format Data
tmqTestMaster Questions Data
tmrFree Countdown Timer Backup File
tmsTableau Map Source
tmsWRAP Tables Message Data
tmthemeTextMate Theme
tmwTranslation Memory Data
tmwTwinmotion Data
tmxArbortext Editor Custom Input Data
tmxTiled Tile Map XML
tmyTypical Meteorological Year Data
tmzMedigraph Compressed Database
tmzipTheme Manager Zip Package
tnaTopocad Net Adjustment
tndCAS-Hydro Tree-node Definition File
tndTranEd v2 File
tnefTransport Neutral Encapsulation Format
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