Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

tecTecplot ASCII Data
teiText Encoding and Interchange Data
teiTrackEye Image Sequence Data
tekTektronix HEX Data
temBadge Designer 2000 Template
temRPG Toolkit Character Data
temxCemetery Registry Database
teoTruTops Tube Data
teqTINA Equation File
terDaylon Leveller Heightfield Data
terTerragen Terrain File
termApple Terminal Data
terrainTerragen Terrain File
terrnRigs of Rods Terrain Data
terrn2Rigs of Rods Terrain Data
tesTECO Macro Data
tetTextease Database CT Single-user Database Template
tewBentley InRoads Text Export Wizard Data
texConcordance Text Data
texLeadwerks Texture Data
texPaint Shop Pro Texture Data
tex0Nintendo Wii Texture Data
texbPlayground OSS Texture Data
texportTome Editor Export Template Data
texterTexter Snippet Data
textfactoryBBEdit Text Factory Data
textsRibbons Texts Data
tfAutodesk Inventor Transcript Data
tfTerraform Module
tfTinyFugue Script
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