Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

sv7SAS View
svageXtendable Wad Editor SVAG Data
svapSolidWorks Visualize Appearance Library
svbSTATISTICA Macro File
svcSTATISTICA Macro File
svdAlchemex Metadata
svdRFM SVD-compressed Look-Up Table
svdStatView DataSet File
svgbBinary Encoded SVG Data
svgxReact Native SVG Data
svlScramdisk Volume
svlSVL Header Injector Data
svmTurbo Studio Container Image
svnPersonal Paint Slovenian Language Data
svndblibAltium Designer Subversion Database Library
svoSTATISTICA Macro File
svpSwiftview Command File
svtStonevoice Translator Tree of Localizable Data
svvStatView ViewSet File
svwSpecView Data
svxSTATISTICA Macro File
svxSurvex Data File
svzSavez Data
swSWISS-PROT Protein Sequence Databas
sw0AquaCrop Soil Profile Conditions Data
sw0SPICE Sweep Operations Output Data
sw1SPICE Sweep Operations Output Data
sw2SPICE Sweep Operations Output Data
sw3SPICE Sweep Operations Output Data
sw4SPICE Sweep Operations Output Data
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