Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

b3VTrain Vocabulary Trainer Data
b3dBlitz3D Object
b3dBodyPaint 3D Format Data
b3dmCesium Batched 3D Tiles Data
b4VTrain Box Data
b4VTrain Data File
b4VTrain Vocabulary Trainer Data
b4aNative Instruments B4 II Data
b4pNative Instruments B4 II Presets Data
b5VTrain Box Data
b5VTrain Data File
b5VTrain Vocabulary Trainer Data
b5lBlindWrite 5 License Data
b64Base64 Encoded Data
b6lBlindWrite License Data
b8Cubicomp PictureMaker Blue Channel Image Data
b84TI-84 Plus CE Bundle Image
ba1Windows Media Center Report Log
ba6TaxACT 2016 Tax Return Backup Data
ba7TaxACT 2017 Tax Return Backup Data
ba8TaxACT 2018 Tax Return Backup Data
ba9TaxACT 2019 Tax Return Backup Data
babBabble Data
bablDeBabelizer Pro Data
bacAvantrix Backup Plus Backup Data
backRMCProfile Coefficient Data
backpackMammoet Backpack Word List
backuppgAdmin Database Backup
backupdbTime Machine Backup Folder
badBrutus Application Definition
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