Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

smgUSoft System Message Data
smggeomSolidWorks Composer Assembly Geometry Data
smgsceSolidWorks Composer Scenario Definitions Data
smgviewSolidWorks Composer View Definitions Data
smgxmlSolidWorks Composer Assembly Structure Data
smhCrysfire Data
smiSMILES Chemical Document
smilesSMILES Chemical Document
smimeOpenSSL S/MIME Format Message
smlSimile Model
smlicSMS Servant License Data
smmWRAP SIMD Message Data
smmstoreSimpleMind Local Mind Map Data
smmstyleSimpleMind Mind Map Style Data
smmxSimpleMind Mind Map Data
smntSediMeter Network Definition Data
smoSmartMorph Animation
smolSpartan Molecule Data
smpBrainVoyager QX Surface-based Statistical Data
smpIMail Server Mail Message
smpPhotoImpact Gallery
smpReason NN19 Sampler Instrument Patch
smpSmartMusic Performance Data
smpUlead PhotoExpress Gallery Data
smpakSuperMemo UX Data
smpkgSmartMusic Package File
smpoSpeedView Meta Object
smpxSmartMusic Accompaniment File
smrSpike2 Time Views Data
smrxSpike2 v7 Time Views Data
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