Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

slRenderMan Shader Source
slSam Spade Startup Script
sl2Lowrance Sonar Log v2 File
sl2SQLite 2.0 Database
sl3SQLite 3 Database
slbMultiframe Sections Library
slbPSpice Symbols Library
slcSLiCe Format Data
sldCorel Paint Shop Pro Styled Line Data
sldNEPLAN Graphic Export Data
sldXnView Slideshow
sldasmSolidWorks Assembly Document
sldblkSolidWorks Blocks File
sldbombtSolidWorks BOM Template
sldclrSolidWorks Color Palette Data
slddSimulink Data Dictionary
slddcSimulink Data Dictionary Cache
sldedbSolidWorks Database
sldftpSolidWorks Form Tool File
sldgtolfvtSolidWorks Geometric Tolerance Style
sldholtbtSolidWorks Hole Table Template
sldlfpSolidWorks Library Features File
sldmatSolidWorks Material Database
sldprSolidWorks Part Document
sldprtSolidWorks Part Document
sldrevtbtSolidWorks Revision Table Template
sldsffvtSolidWorks Surface Finish Style
sldstdSolidWorks Drafting Standards Data
sldweldfvtSolidWorks Weld Style
sldwldtbtSolidWorks Weldment Cutlist Template
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