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Data File Extensions

8xfTI-83/84 Plus Function
8xgTI-83/84 Plus Group
8xkTI-83/84 Plus Application Upgrade
8xlTI-83/84 Plus List Data
8xmTI-83/84 Plus Matrix Data
8xnTI-83/84 Plus Number Data
8xqTI-83/84 Plus Certificate Data
8xsTI-83/84 Plus String Data
8xtTI-83/84 Plus Table Setup
8xvTI-83/84 Plus Variable Data
8xwTI-83/84 Plus Window Setup
8xyTI-83/84 Plus App Variable Data
8xzTI-83/84 Plus Assembly Program
900NCBridge NC900 Boot Image
906CalComp 906 Plotter Data
907CalComp 907 Plotter Data
92aTI-92 Calculator Figure Data
92bTI-92 Backup Data
92cTI-92 Data
92dTI-92 Graph Database
92eTI-92 Expression Data
92fTI-92 Function Data
92gTI-92 Calculator Complex Group Data
92kTI-92 Data
92lTI-92 Calculator List Data
92mTI-92 Calculator Matrix Data
92nTI-92 Calculator Number Data
92pTI-92 Calculator Program
92qTI-92 Calculator Certificate Data
92rTI-92 Calculator Lab Report Data
92sTI-92 String Data
92tTI-92 Text Data
92uTI-92 OS Update Data
92vTI-92 Calculator Vector Data
92xTI-92 Macro
92yTI-92 Calculator Equation Data
92zTI-92 Calculator Assembly Program
97tAvaility Electronic Batch Report
999Multipass Security Data
9xaTI-92 Plus Calculator Figure Data
9xbTI-92 Plus Calculator Backup Data
9xcTI-92 Plus Complex Variable Data
9xdTI-92 Plus Graph Database
9xeTI-92 Plus Expression Data
9xfTI-92 Plus Function
9xgTI-92 Plus Complex Group Data
9xiTI-92 Plus Bitmap
9xkTI-92 Plus Application
9xlTI-92 Plus List Data
9xmTI-92 Plus Matrix Data
9xnTI-92 Plus Number Data
9xpTI-92 Plus Program
9xqTI-92 Plus Certificate Data
9xrTI-92 Plus Lab Report Data
9xsTI-92 Plus String Data
9xtTI-92 Plus Calculator Text Data
9xuTI-92 Plus OS Update
9xxTI-92 Plus Calculator Macro Data
9xyTI-92 Plus Equation Data
9xzTI-92 Plus Assembly Program
aJabbim Data
STK Attitude
a03WOW! Diagnostic Firmware Module
a1wishAudials One Wishlist
a26Atari 2600 ROM Image
a2aIBM Voice Type Languages Vocables Data
a2cAlice v2 Object
a2desktopAston 2 Desktop Theme File
a2mSAM Alignment Data
a2menuAston 2 Menu Theme File
a2panelAston 2 Panel Theme File
a2rAgilent MicroLab A2R Data
a2sMicrosoft Access to MSSQL Converter Data
a2themeAston 2 Theme File
a3Audiotools Show Log
a3cAlice v3 Class
a3dAlternativa3D Exported Data
Esko ArtiosCAD 3D Data
a3eAutodesk Showcase Environments
a3gPhoto! 3D Album Gallery
a3sAutodesk Showcase 3D Scene
a52Atari 5200 ROM Image
a5dMacromedia Authorware Model
a5eMacromedia Authorware v5 Packaged Library
VecTor5 Output Results Data
a5rVecTor5 Output Seed Data
a64Nintendo 64 Memory Export
a64rptAIDA64 Report
a65Authorware 6.5
a6dMacromedia Authorware Model
a78Atari 7800 ROM Image
a7dMacromedia Authorware Model
a8Cubicomp PictureMaker Animation Data
a83EightyOne Sinclair ZX81 ROM Image
aaIR Prognosis Analyst Document
aa4Clone Manager Assembly Results Data
aaaSQL Anywhere Temporary File
aabAdobe Authorware Binary Map
aaeApple iOS8 Sidecar File