Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

3dvs3DViewStation Document
3dw3D World Studio Model
3dwebpCon.planner 3dWeb Data
3dxmj3D-XplorMath-J Visualization Data
3es3rd Eye Scene Data
3exUnoCart 2600 ROM Image
3fAdvent 3B2 Template
3fkBemio Froud-Krylof Data
3fxCorelDRAW Corel Chart 3D Effect Data
3gfBlackVue Dashcam Accelerometer Data
3gt3D Graphic Tools Model
3hAdvent 3B2 Tag Header
3kAdvent 3B2 Keyboard Definition Data
3mAdvent 3B2 Macro
3mapThoughtograph Mind Map Data
3meIntuit TurboTax 2009 Form
3mxContextCapture 3D Multiresolution Mesh eXchange Data
3mxbContextCapture Binary 3MX Data
3oAdvent 3B2 Object Graphic
3o3STABCAL 3A3 Data
3o5STABCAL 3A3 Data
3ox3Shape Order Exchange Format Data
3oxz3Shape Order Exchange Format Data
3pAdvent 3B2 Document Preferences
3peIntuit TurboTax 2008 Form Data
3piShapeGrabber 3D Scanner Data
3rAdvent 3B2 Raster Image
3rfArbortext Advanced Print Publisher Cross Reference Data
3sAdvent 3B2 Paragraph Styles
3scBemio Scattering Data
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