Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

rrgJRiver Media Center License File
rriSPEFO Stellar Spectra Analysis Binary RRI Data
rrlRoad Runner Data
rroRisk Reduction Overview Data
rrpRhythm Rascal Project
rrpRunning Time Logger Profile
rrpVflo Precipitation Data
rrpaOracle Reports Remote Printing Utility Data
rrppOracle Reports Remote Printing Utility Data
rrqSDLX Registration Request Data
rrrRegistry Mechanic Backup
rrrxRhapzode Compiled Output
rrs4Remo Recover Recovery Session
rrtRhapzode Resource Template
rruffRRUFF Database
rrwGoldmine Report Writer Data
rrxIBM Datacap Defines Data
rrxMoxy Variable Rate Securities Data
rsdnaLIMS Reaction Sheet Data
rsErosion 3D Event Data
rs7LightTools Radiant Source Model Data
rs8ProSource Data
rsbReliaSoft BlockSim Data
rscnCaligari TrueSpace Exported Scene
rsc_tmpAusLogics BoostSpeed Temporary Rescue Data
rsdAltair FEKO Cable Harness Geometry Data
rsdCoffeeCup HTML Editor Theme Data
rsdeXtendable Wad Editor RSD Data
rsdRadioSure Stations Data
rsdResort Software Database
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