Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

ropActuate e.Report Parameter Template
ropPSS/E OPF Model
rorResources of a Resource File
rosActuate e.Report Designer Search Definition Data
rosDynamite VSP Rail Object Style Data
rosLotus Notes Full Text Index Data
rotSTK Central Body Rotation File
rouEnRoute v3 Toolpath Data
rouRoute 66 Route Data
rovActuate e.Report Designer Report Object Value Data
rovSiebel Report Object Variable
roxSiebel Report Object Executable
rozaSc Timetables Data
rp2RetroPlatform Player Archive
rp9-snapshotRetroPlatform Snapshot Image
rpbRadmin Phonebook
rpc3WayPack RPC Data
rpcAct! Report
rpcBillQuick Enterprise Invoice Data
rpcCrystal Reports RPC File
rpcWaterGEMS Hydraulic Analysis Report
rpc3NI Diadem RPC3 File
rpcpReason Resource Data
rpdOracle BI EE Repository
rpePerformance Analyzer Data
rpf3ds Max Rich Pixel Format Data
rpfAutodesk AutoCAD Pattern Definition Data
rpfCARE-S InfoWorks Runoff Parameters Data
rpkNeverForget Backup Reminder Data
rpkRadLight Media Player Skin
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