Filename Extensions
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Data File Extensions

rdfICRA Site Label Data
rdfOracle Database Report Binary Source
rdfReaction Data File
rdgSVAL Ridge Data
rdhSiemens MR Spectroscopy Header Data
rdiSPEFO Differential Spectrum Data
rdicStarDict Dictionary Resource
rdjJCanyon Texture Data
rdlBentley MicroStation Redline Data
rdlSymbian OS Recogniser Library
rdmRemote Desktop Manager Session Data
rdmjRemote Desktop Manager Session Data
rdmlReal-time PCR Data Markup Language Data
rdnCarlson 2016 Road Network Data
rdoOracle Database Redo Log
rdoxReflection Desktop Session Data
rdrDynamic Report Decoder File
rdsMicrosoft SQL Server Reporting Data Source
rdsWAsP v4 Roughness Description
rdtAdobe Captivate RoboDemo Template
rdxBorland Reflex Data File
rdyReady Pro Accounting Data
rdyTSP-INet Server Acknowledge Data
rdyTSP-INet Server Data
rdzRemoteDocs Encrypted Document
re1Hy-Tek Meet Manager Registration Data
re2NEK5000 Re2file
re3Honeywell HNDR-S4824 Backup Data
re4RomEditor4 Binary Data
reaNEK5000 Reafile
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